"Footprints In The Sands Of Time"

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Until We
Meet Again . . . . .
        Your Loving Husband . . . . . 
Ross !

Notice Of Succession.....

On July 17, 1965 Candace Marie De Catur/Cater Married Ross Bernard Huston; Thus the House of De Catur, and All Houses Therein and Under, became Under The House Of Huston (Ross Bernard/Augustus O.). To Present this has Remained Unchanged, and shall continue to Remain Unchanged Eternally. Therefor the     De Catur Name and Houses shall remain the Possession of The House of Ross Bernard (Augustus O.) Huston, as shall the Name(s) Candace Marie De Catur, Countess Candace Marie De Catur, Duchess Candace Marie De Catur Huston, and All Variations Thereof; Therefor let it be known that (HRH) Ross Bernard (Augustus O.) Huston Retains All Such Rights As Above, and Further All Entitlements and All Titles, Properties, and Inheritances; Trusts, Monies, Estates, Temples, and Anything Defined Therein, but not limited to, Of (HRH) Candace Marie De Catur Huston. . . . .  (HRH) Ross Bernard (Augustus O.) Huston

"Duchess Candace Marie De Catur Huston . . . . . We Salute You and Stand in Communion With You and Your Succession. . . . .  We Will Meet Again ! "
        'The Royal House'
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